Connors Associates LLC, is a professional, Licensed Real Estate Brokerage, located in South Florida. We specialize in the sale of Business Opportunities. We have also been involved in several Commercial Sales and Leasing transactions. 

We are affiliated with all of the necessary organizations to provide the services to meet the needs of most customers. Our wide range of experience makes us versatile in marketing your business for sale or in assisting you find the most suited opportunity when buying a business.

    You do not have to build a business; you simply take over an
     existing successful business!  Here's why...

  You have immediate cash flow.
                 There are trained employees.  
                 Established suppliers and credit.  
                 Established customers.  
                 Existing licenses and permits.  
                 The possibility of owner financing.  
  Proven product or service.

Home and Office Cleanout


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